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How I can be a part of this?

The first step is to download the application. Read through the accompanying information, decide on the number of booths you need, or decide on a sponsorship package. Get it back to us via fax, email, or snail mail. You can also register online. See below.

We’ll be in touch.

Food & Nutrition

A healthy life starts with healthy food.  Let’s start your new healthier life with wholesome food.  Eating convenient food has become a way of life in this country.  It is contributing to obesity, fatigue, diabetes and other illnesses.

Living Well

Mind, Body, Soul.  We are more than just our thoughts.  Our minds need to be nourished with truth, our body needs to be nourished with food and our soul needs to be nourished by our faith.

Essential Oils

You may have been using Essential Oils aromatherapy, but did you know they also act as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, pain relievers, anxiety, depression.


Not only will you find products that will help you in your walk to Health & Wellness you will find other like-minded people to speak with and walk along side you in your journey.

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